Year-end closing: from Friday 3 November PM (open for lunch) to Wednesday 22 November 2023 included. We will be back on Thursday 23 November.

NEW: Homemade deep-fried fish cakes sprinkled with special pepper & salt, typical Taiwanese flavor. Perfect with a Taiwan Beer!


Bento .......... €10

Choose pork or chicken or tofu + veggies, braised egg and side dishes

Rice with braised pork .......... €6

Chopped braised pork belly with soy sauce served with Japanese white rice

Taiwanese burger .......... €4.50

Steamed bread filled with braised pork belly, salted picked mustard and coriander

Taiwanese burgers

The genuine “Taiwan bubble tea” .......... €4.50

Milk tea with tapioca pearls

Who are we?

A-Mui, which means “plum blossom” in Taiwanese, is actually the name of my mother, who was a great cook. Since I was a little girl I always enjoyed cooking by her side, and learnt so much about it from her. Although she passed away without having the chance to see my shop open, I have named it after her in order to remember all the good food she used to make, with the goal of passing it on to the public in Belgium.

A-Mui is not limited to traditional Taiwanese cuisine, but is a re-creation of the dishes that Taiwanese often enjoy in their daily lives. Taiwan has always been a land of immigration. The first Chinese moved from Southern Fujian to settle down in Taiwan at the end of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).  In 1895 the fifty-year period of Japanese occupation began. Later, in 1949, many Chinese from every province on the mainland followed the Nationalist government's retreat to Taiwan. During the last twenty years, a large number of immigrants have come from Southeast Asia to work and live on the island. With the influence of so many foreign cuisines across various periods, the content of Taiwanese daily cuisine has also changed.

At A-Mui, you will find not only Taiwanese-style lunch boxes and Taiwanese burgers, but also Japanese curries, Korean bibimbap and kimchi, Thai lemon steamed fish, and many other Asian cuisines.  In short, I want to share with everyone all the delicious dishes I have been enjoying for so many years.

Lin Hui-Chu

Our lunches

Taiwan lunch boxes

Unlike the Japanese custom of eating a lunch box cold, Taiwanese prefer a warm lunch box. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends keeping healthy by eating warm food and avoiding cold food. Therefore it is very normal to eat three hot meals a day in Taiwan. The Taiwanese lunch box generally contains three parts: one portion of meat or fish, one portion a side dish which usually has at least two vegetables, and one portion of rice.

Taiwanese lunch boxTaiwanese lunch box

Taiwanese burger (Gua bao)

Because its shape and stuffing are like a tiger's mouth biting a piece of pork, it is also known as “tiger biting pig” in Taiwan. Since it's is eaten like a hamburger, we also call it “Taiwanese burger”.  In A-Mui, we offer steamed buns with traditional Taiwanese filling: braised pork belly, salted picked mustard and coriander. The whole is then sprinked with a suger-and-peanut powder. A genuine taste of Taiwan! We also offer vegetarian version with braised tofu.

Taiwanese burgers Taiwanese burgers

Please keep in mind that our food is to take away only and may not be eaten in the shop.

Our products from Taiwan and beyond

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